You can browse through all kinds of wonderful ideas here. Some are broken down into sections such as Kitchens or Libraries, but some houses resisted breaking up into smaller categories like that. For those you will want to browse through the Entire Houses section.

If you have any photos you would like to sibmit, please send the photos, server name, decorator name, house owner, and whether it is published and under what listing to:

Housing Leaderboards

Once your house is completed, you can list it on the Housing Leaderboards so everyone can visit! Just to your front door and bring up the house options and click the "Publish" button. You will be prompted to take a screenshot as your house preview (so pick a good one) and to name your house. Once published, you cannot place, pick up, or move items - so be sure you mean it.

Visitors will be able to Like (or simply not like) your home. Earning enough Likes can put your home into the Hall of Fame.

Dungeon Maker

Similar to creating your own home, adventurers are now able to create their own dungeons for other adventurers to play through. Housing items as well as a new selection of Dungeon Maker only items can be used in these.