Guide written by Ilvalk of Antonia Bayle

How to load up a layout between different houses \ Guild Halls

WARNING: This trick only works if the rooms you've designed and wish to move to the new house actually exist in the new house.

Example: If you compare the Tier 1 Freeport guild hall to a Tier 2 freeport guild hall, you have the lobby, and half of the eastern and western wings of the hall, which are the same in both halls.

First off, follow the warning I wrote above, and make sure you have emptied out every room in the hall of items, except for the rooms which exist in the new hall.

This is a screenshot of the Tier 1 Freeport guild hall map (eq2maps). This is the currently designed hall.

And here is the T2 hall. This is the hall that I am going to move my layout to.

Now, after you have taken care of your item placement or packing, and have the identical rooms set up the way you want, SAVE a layout of your Tier 1 hall. For example, name it "T2HALL". (Yeah, it's names T2 on purpose ;P)

Now you are ready to go and buy that T2 hall!

Once you're inside your new, empty T2 hall, save the empty layout, name it "T2EMPTY" for example (something different from what you called the T1 layout).

Now you need to open your Everquest II game directory. Usually something like: C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II). You should see a "saved_house_layouts" folder. Open that. Now find the 2 files "T2HALL" and "T2EMPTY". Open them with a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad (NOT Microsoft Word).

Let's take a look at "T2HALL". It's named differently in my screenshot, don't mind that.

Now, before the object listing, there are 3 lines at the top of the file. Ignore the first, we only care about the 2nd and 3rd lines, wich are circled in my screenshot. Those lines are the house type and ID. From here on, it's a simple switch. Switch windows to the other file, "T2EMPTY". Highlight the 2nd and 3rd lines, copy them, then REPLACE the lines in T2HALL with the lines you have just copied from T2EMPTY. What we have done, basically, is to switch the T1's "stracture" ID with the T2's ID, so now, the game reads the layout file as a T2 layout.

Hit save on the "T2HALL" file. You don't have to save "T2EMPTY".

Now, back to the game. In your empty T2 hall, Load Layout, and choose "T2HALL". It will load up the layout from the T1 hall.

I hope you've found my little trick useful :D Good luck!!

Ilvalk of Antonia Bayle