Custom Cabinets

We're going to be working with Wantia Armoires and End Tables, and a Teak Wall Mirror to make a custom dressing area.

My first rule is to always start at the top. It's much easier to float objects up (using + mousewheel) and then fit the bottom pieces under, than it is to try and make things stack properly. You can also hide things like feet on chests this way. So.. I need to establish how high my top armoire needs to go. To keep things simple, I'm also going to work with uniform sizes. Once you have some practice though, you'll soon be mixing them up.

I've placed one armoire down to use as a guide. Now, I'll take my second, make it the same size, and begin raising it up.

Once it's the proper height, slide it over to wherever you want it to go. I'm going to start in the right-hand corner here, making sure it's snug in the corner. Then it's simple to move the second armoire in underneath.

With one side anchored in place now, it doesn't take much to build out your top section.

I'm going to leave a hole in the middle for my mirror and vanity area here.

Now I'm going to take my mirror. I'll need to enlarge it, this will never do.

Except, I discovered that I can't place my mirror against the wall with that top armoire in the way.

NOW I can put my armoire back.

I wanted to add a small vanity here. I want to use Wantia End Tables, but don't want the legs showing (or the bare wall behind them). So I know I'll want to cover the front. I'm going to use some more armoires for that, shrunk very small. So, first I need to see how high to make my tables go. The end tables NEED to float off the floor so the armoires will fit underneath them.

Let's place them in front of our mirror now.

And cover the front with the backs of our armoires (for a finished paneled look).

Stand back and admire!

Experiment with different cabinets and chests see what you can create. The mirror can be replaced with a tapestry, another armoire, a bookshelf - whatever you can fit in there. Changing your materials will give it a whole new look and purpose. Good luck!