Qeynos Houses

As the two original cities, Qeynos and Freeport has many housing options available, some of which may look quite confusing to someone who isn't familiar with early Everquest II homes. Most houses have both a status and non-status version, from way back when 2g per week was an unthinkable amount to pay! Houses in these cities also have a variety of options available for the floors, walls, ceiling, and trim.

Name (cost)FloorWallTrimCeiling
Jagged Willow Wood
Coarse Willow Wood
1g, 28s floor
2g, 56s wall, ceiling
Unfinished Oak
1g, 28s
Rugged Willow Wood
2g, 56s
Traditional Oak
2g, 56s trim
5g, 12s floor, ceiling
10g, 24s wall
Superior Oak
5g, 12s
Opulant Elddar
10g, 24s floor, wall, trim
20g, 48s ceiling
Extravagant Elddar
20g, 48s
Affluent Elddar
40g, 96s
House Locations
AddressRoomsItem LimitCostUpkeep
Castleview Hamlet22000c5s
Graystone Yard
Starcrest Commune
The Baubbleshire
The Willow Wood
Irontoes East Large Inn Room, NQ330024g, 36s97s, 44c
Lion's Mane Suite Rooms, SQ
Irontoes East Large Inn Room, NQ330014g, 61s 60c, 22,000SP58s, 46c, 3,000SP
Lion's Mane Suite Rooms, SQ
Fish's Alehouse, QH330028g, 98s, 64,000SP1g, 15s, 92c, 6,500SP
Fish's Alehouse, QH330048g, 30s1g, 93s, 20c
2 Lucie Street, SQ440096g, 60s3g, 86s, 40c
12 Lucie Street, SQ
18 Lucie Street, SQ
3 Tranquil Way, SQ
7 Tranquil Way, SQ
13 Tranquil Way, SQ
15 Tranquil Way, SQ
17 Tranquil Way, SQ44001p, 93g, 62s7g, 74s, 48c
17 Lucie Street, SQ44001p, 16g, 17s, 20c, 120,000SP4g, 64s, 68c, 24,000SP
20 Lucie Street, SQ
21 Lucie Street, SQ
18 Karana Court, SQ
20 Karana Court, SQ
5 Karana Court, SQ66003p, 87g, 24s, 250,000SP14g, 48s, 96c, 50,000SP
5 Erollisi Lane, SQ
8 Erollisi Lane, SQ
2 Bayle Court, SQ66004p, 83g, 84s, 300,000SP19g, 35s, 36c, 60,000SP
4 Bayle Court, SQ
Mage Tower, SQ6600LoN Loot Card0c