Maj'Dul Houses

Player housing is also available in the Desert of Flames expansion city of Maj'Dul. To purchase a house in Maj'Dul, you must first purchase a residency license from one of the three Court factions within the city (Blades, Coin or Truth). The better your faction with the Court, the bigger the house you are allowed to purchase.





House Locations
NameRoomsItem LimitCostUpkeep
A Simple Maj'Dul Apartment220014g, 61s, 60c, 22,000SP58s, 46c, 3,000SP
A Maj'Dul Mercenary Residence 3 30096g, 603g, 86s, 40c
A Maj'Dul Merchant Apartment 3 30057g, 96s, 86,000SP2g, 31s, 84c, 9,000SP
A Large Maj'Dul Residence44001p, 93g, 62s7g, 74s, 78c
An Affluent Maj'Dul Residence 4 4001p, 16g, 17s, 20c, 120,000SP4g, 64s, 64c, 24,000SP