Freeport Houses

As the two original cities, Qeynos and Freeport has many housing options available, some of which may look quite confusing to someone who isn't familiar with early Everquest II homes. Most houses have both a status and non-status version, from way back when 2g per week was an unthinkable amount to pay! Houses in these cities also have a variety of options available for the floors, walls, ceiling, and trim.

Name (cost)FloorWallTrimCeiling
Refinished Driftwood (64s)
Cracked Granite (1g, 28s)
Blood Stained Maple (2g, 56s)
Rough Sandstone (5g, 12s)
Conventional Stucco (5g, 12s)
Hatchling Treant Bark (10g, 24s)
Polished Obsidian (20g, 48s)
House Locations
AddressRoomsItem LimitCostUpkeep
Beggar's Court22000c5s
Big Bend
Longshadow Alley
Scale Yard
Stonestair Byway
Temple Street
Blood Haze Inn, WFP330024g, 36s97s, 44c
Jade Tiger's Den, NFP
Blood Haze Inn, WFP330014g, 61s 60c, 22,000SP58s, 46c, 3,000SP
Jade Tiger's Den, NFP
Seafarer's Roost, EFP330029g, 98s, 64,000SP1g, 15s, 92c, 6,500SP
3 Integrity Road, NFP440096g, 60s3g, 86s, 40c
5 Integrity Road, NFP
4 Integrity Road, NFP4400 57g, 96s, 86,000SP2g, 61s, 84c, 9,000SP
6 Integrity Road, NFP
8 Integrity Road, NFP
10 Integrity Road, NFP
6 Freedom Road, SFP
8 Freedom Road, SFP
10 Freedom Road, SFP
7 Integrity Road, NFP44001p, 93g, 62s7g, 74s, 48c
2 Integrity Road, NFP44001p, 16g, 17s, 20c, 120,000SP4g, 64s, 48c, 24,000SP
2 Justice Road, SFP
1 Integrity Road, NFP66003p, 87g, 24s, 250,000SP14g, 48s, 96c, 50,000SP
3 Compassion Road, NFP
5 Compassion Road, NFP
7 Compassion Road, NFP
1 Freedom Road, SPF
2 Freedom Road, SPF
1 Compassion Road, NFP66004p, 83g, 84s, 300,000SP19g, 35s, 36c, 60,000SP
1 Justice Road, SFP
Mage Tower, SQ6600LoN Loot Card0c