Housing Information

Many things have changed in the Everquest 2 Housing Industry since the game was first released. With the addition of Game Update 60 in April 2011, characters are allowed to own up to 10 personal houses. You may purchase homes in any same-aligned city as well as aquiring Prestiege Homes through game rewards, LoN, or Station Cash.

Starter housing

Each player gets a free starter house in her/her home city. It will cost you nothing to purchase, but is 5 silver each week in rent (upkeep). These houses have two rooms and a 200 item limit for things that can be placed inside.

Item Limit

Each house has a maximum number of items that may be placed inside. The smaller the house, the fewer the items. As a general rule books don't count toward the item limit, but everything else will. You can always purchase a crafted vault expander to expand the item limit by 100, but only one may be used on a time. Item expanders are also available on the Marketplace.

Broker and Vault Slots

Each player gets six broker and house vault slots with the purchase of their first home. Vault slots will be available from any home you own. To use the broker slots, just place any container in the slot and fill it with items to sell. If you use Salesman's Crates simply right click on it in the broker window and select "place sales display" to set the container in your home so others can visit your house and purchase items directly and avoid paying broker fees (don't forget to keep your rent paid up though!).

Multiple Houses

Players may own up to ten (10) houses per character. You may own only one home of each kind.

City Houses vs Prestige Homes

City Houses are available for purchase in each player city (Freeport, Qeynos, Halas, Neriak, Kelethin, Gorowyn, Maj'Dul). They cost any combination of coin and status for rent. Prestige Homes are available through things like the Marketplace, Claim rewards, Legends of Norrath, or Raid drops. They will cost no coin and have no upkeep. Prestige Homes will grant the owners "Portal Objects" that can be placed in any other home or guild hall to give access to the home.

Access Levels

There are several access levels you can set for your house and guild hall to allow visitors and friends to enter and see all your hard work.

Guild Halls

Guilds of level 30 and above are entitled to the purchase of a Guild Hall. These also come in different sizes and price ranges. Varying access levels can be set for guild members and visitors, but only the Guild Leader may actually purchase the Hall - and it must be of the same alignment as that character (a 'good' toon can't purchase a guild hall in Freeport, for example). The two styles of halls (good and evil) are vastly different from each other, but each have very complex and unique architecture - be very sure to tour each one before you buy!