Sales Display Cases

While you can use any type of container placed in your broker slots to sell items, some may be placed in your home to allow others the option of visiting your house to avoid paying the broker fees (if your rent is paid up and your home allows visitors). Don't forget that once placed in your broker window you still need to right click and 'place' them in your house for others to be able to use them from there.

Salesman's Crates do not limit the type of item that can be placed in them and generally allow the largest number of items per container.

Fir Salesman's Crate28
Oak Salesman's Crate36
Cedar Salesman's Crate44
Ironwood Salesman's Crate52
Ebony Salesman's Crate60
Mahogany Salesman's Crate68

A Veteran's Display Case will hold 40 items and reduces broker fees by 50% for your customers. A Legend's Display Case (from LoN) has the same graphic, but only holds 30 items and has a 25% fee reduction.

Specialized Containers hold only crafted items of the appropriate type (Furniture Shelf, Armor and Shield Rack, Jewelry Box, Weapon Rack, Pantry, Scroll Stand, Bag Stand, Potion Cabinet)


Armor and Shield Rack

Bag Stand

Furniture Shelf

Jewelry Box


Potion Cabinet

Salesman's Crate

Scroll Stand

Veteran's Display Case

Weapon Rack