Raid Trophies

Trophies can only be placed in guild halls.

Trophy: Aiden's Head
Zone: Ward of Elements

Trophy: Chel'Drak's Head
Zone: Antechamber of Fate

Trophy: Clockwork Menace's Head
Zone: Clockwork Menace Factory

Trophy: Darathar's Head
Zone: The Isle of Refuge: Darathar's Flight

Trophy: Djinn Master's Head
Zone: The Djinn Master's Prism

Trophy: Effigy of Toxxulia
Zone: Lair of the Dragon Queen

Trophy: Enoxus
Zone: The Palace of Roehn Theer

Trophy: Godking Anuk's Head
Zone: The Fountain of Life

Trophy: Gynok Moltor's Head
Zone: Tomb of the Mad Crusader

Trophy: Head of Perah'Celisis
Zone: Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs

Trophy: Leviathan Tentacle
Zone: The Chamber of Destiny

Trophy: Mayong's Coffin
Zone: Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum

Trophy: Munzok's Head
Zone: Munzok's Material Bastion

Trophy: Sullon's Wrath
Zone: Sullon's Spire

Trophy: Tarinax's Head
Zone: Deathtoll

Trophy: Trakanon's Head
Zone: Veeshan's Peak

Trophy: Venekor's Head
Zone: Halls of the Seeing

Trophy: Venril Sathir's Head
Zone: Venril Sathir's Lair

Trophy: Vox's Head
Zone: The Crypt of Vox

Trophy: Vuulan's Head
Zone: Lair of the Dragon Queen

Trophy: Vyemm's Head
Zone: The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm

Trophy: Wuoshi's Head
Zone: The Emerald Halls

Trophy: Ykesha's Head
Zone: Ykesha's Inner Stronghold

Trophy: Zarrakon's Head
Zone: Zarrakon's Abyssal Chamber